Thanks to the affordable housing community for being a great home!

In the new year, I’ll be bound for new horizons, returning to consulting in strategic communications and community engagement for clients in workforce, housing, and public policy.

It’s been an honor to work with the Non-Profit Housing Association, and I look forward to a continued consulting role. Here are three lessons I learned, and shared at the recent member meeting (thanks, board chair Jacquie Hoffman!)

First, affordable housing is simple. No, not easy! Affordable housing is the simple proposition that everyone deserves a place to call home, and that by working together, mission-driven, non-profit developers, our advocates, policymakers and residents can make the vision a reality.

Second, NPH has a great young team, scrappy, energetic, innovative. They play the game a new way, put big numbers up on the board and deliver wins (just like our beloved Oakland Warriors.)

Third, the changes that we have seen in advocacy and politics over the past decade are hitting housing, will continue to hit, hit harder and faster. We need to embrace technology, change, and new ways of doing the work — because everyone in the Bay Area is counting on this team, so we all have a place to call home.