Yes, You Told Me So. You Were Right. I Hear You.

Friends, it’s been a wonderful four years with Opportunity Partners. I am grateful to the friends, allies and clients who have made the work possible and rewarding.

But old habits die hard and the campaign trail calls. I’ll be joining the Non-Profit Housing Association as its inaugural political director in February, and working hard to bring sustainable, community-based solutions to the Bay Area’s housing crisis.

You may be one of my friends who predicted I would return to political organizing (nearly everyone did), and thank you – you were right. I’ve had a great growth opportunity, stretching my wings with research, teaching, and new horizons. It’s been an honor to learn from you.

But now it’s time to get to work, so we can produce and preserve affordable homes for all of us at risk of displacement across the Bay Area. As Opportunity Partners completes projects and I transition, please know that I am grateful for your advice and support now, and in the future.

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Sharon Cornu
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer