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Friends, in December 2018, I was honored to begin service at St. Mary’s Center in Oakland as executive director of this important senior community center, shelter, preschool — a community of hope, healing and justice. This site stands as a resource for friends and former clients. See you soon!

What do working moms make for dinner on Sundays? Leftovers! Working moms know if you are going to put the effort into a major production, have something useful left over when it’s done.

That’s the insight behind my approach to strategic communications, community engagement and campaigns – drive today’s process to deliver what your organization needs in the next phase. It can mean:

  • Using a report launch to position a new chief executive officer as a regional thought leader
  • Conducting strategic planning interviews to reach new employment markets and initiate workforce partnerships
  • Building not only enhanced communications capacity but also stronger leadership relationships

My work is grounded in a long history of leadership as well as pedagogy from today’s management and development practices. I deliver effective, values-based strategic communications and community engagement campaigns that are focused on achieving long-term organizational development goals, building the capacity of individuals and teams, and meeting basic human needs.

How can I help your organization meet programmatic goals and build capacity?


  • Leadership coaching and organizational development
  • Strategic communications
  • Community engagement and constituency building
  • Project and coalition management for collective impact

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Main photo credit: Oakland Chapter, New Leaders Council